Our Services:

  • A.
  • CNC MILLINGVertical Machining Centers (VMCs) and Horizontal Machining Centers (HMCs) that offer precise fit at any angles and axis of part.

  • B.
  • CNC LATHES AND TURNINGWe can make precise parts that are cylindrical. We, also, thread-cut to make fasteners, bore materials, and turn spherical parts.

  • C.
  • REVERSE ENGINEERINGWe can reverse engineer your sample part and create a drawing if needed.

  • D.
  • CAR PARTSCan't find that rare part anywhere? Bring in your old dented part and we can machine a newer and precise part for you that meets OEM standards.

  • E.
  • AIRPLANE PARTSThought of a new part for your airplane. Bring your design in and we can precisely make that part for you.

  • F.
  • CUSTOM PARTSFrom medical parts to marine items, we can make a single or dozen parts for your specific need.

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